Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Christmas day was full of excitement... But during the excitement, I couldn't help but think..."I wish my babies were here too." I secretly wanted them to come home and be under my tree on Christmas morning...

So Today is day 56 of our NICU/SCN stay at Sinai, and even though the Nurses and Doctors are beyond fantastic, I am ready for this to be over. I want our babies home yesterday....


McKenzie weighed in today at 4lbs13oz...on about 21%-25% a crib...and looking sweet in her yellow onesie! She is drinking 40ML of breast milk every 3 hours and takes about 5 out of her -8 feedings a day by mouth! You go girl... She also has a heck of a fart!!! This baby girl can clear the room!

Lillian weighed in today at 4lbs10oz... she is on HOME oxygen... in a crib and in need of a bath as I'm typing this..we haven't put her in her yellow onesie yet! She is also drinking 40ml of breast milk every 3 hours and is nippling her bottles too! And.. drum roll.... She PASSED her CAR SEAT TEST TODAY!!! hmmm do I hear Discharge papers being typed up soon!!!

The past few weeks I have felt like I am in one of those cartoons where everything happens so mechanically. Get up, Pump, shower, dress, eat, drive, hospital, pump, work, pump, pump, pump, hospital, drive, eat, pump, sleep. This is my "groundhogs day" EVERYDAY. If it isn't for the girls... I'm probably not interested in doing it. It is funny how you watch your priorities change so quickly and how the "S" on your chest appears out of nowhere to prove you can do it all and can't be stopped!
On New Years 2008 when we all stood in Jibri's kitchen and declared our "resolutions"...I said, "I'm gonna get me a baby!"... Well I must say, this is the first time I have ever made a resolution and stuck with it!!!! So my New Years resolution for 2009 is to be the best MUM I can be....

I can't wait for Christmas 2009! :)

-The Momo Momma