Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 1st Day of Pre-School

...Today is the FIRST official day of Pre-School for Lily and McKenzie...and it was full of tears! Yesterday the school thought it would be a great idea to give a 2 hour "open house" so the kids could come in and see what the classroom was all about, with MOMMY & DADDY.

So today, when we walk in and tell them to have fun with "Ms. Sarah", Everett and I were given the look of death...first from Lily then from McKenzie....and that's when the tears started rolling.

The tug to my heart at their little faces, was similar to having to leave them, when I was discharged from the hospital and they had to stay in the NICU. However this time I KNOW I am coming back for them and I can't wait to see their faces light up when they see me!


-The Momo Momma

Friday, August 13, 2010



Walking- CHECK
Talking- CHECK
Reading- CHECK
Saying "NO"- CHECK

Giving Mommy and Daddy Unlimited Joy and Surprises everyday- CHECK!!!!!

Sorry we've been away so long...I really will try to update more! The girls are GrOwInG everyday! I swear I put them to bed and the next day I look at them in awe. This is such a fun age right now, everyday they give us something new to marvel in. Our new favorite thing is saying "Grace". They put their hands together and say "AMEN"!

We have had a pretty low key summer, no big adventures just hanging around the house and mini outings. We are gearing up for our trip to the beach at the end of the summer. Hopefully the girls will be over their "stranger danger" phase. They have adopted a very annoying habit of crying whenever anyone they don't know comes in contact with them, while I think it could pay off when they are older, right now it is too much!!! 2 little babies both running in my direction whenever our friends are around *sigh*. It will get better...right?!

I'll CHECK back in real soon! Promise!!!

-The Momo Momma

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday MOMOS!

Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You..Happy Birthday Lily & McKenzie...Happy Birthday to you!!

This time last year at 2:31am & 2:33am our very precious miracle babies were born. They were very small, very sweet and we were VERY scared. When they were just 16 weeks in the womb, we were told they had a 50/50 chance at life and we had "options"... We prayed and we chose life and so did the Momos! This past year has been such a victory...I wake up daily and THANK GOD for allowing us to have His children and watch them grow.

This time last year, I fell in love again, two became four and I became the Momo's Momma!

A Message to our Momos...

Dear Lillian & McKenzie,

Today is your 1st can't imagine how exciting this is for all of us, not just your mom and dad, but your entire family and extended family. We have been watching two little girls who were born at 1lb14oz and 2lbs1oz grow to become the sweetest little girls we could ever ask for. Your birth beat the "odds", but we never bet against you! We were bringing home two little babies no matter what!

You have a lot of people to thank for keeping you strong during your NICU stay, your doctors, nurses, family, friends and most of all God. We know that you will be raised to understand that you are His children and it was in His plan to give you to us!

This time last year was bitter sweet, you were here but you were so small and everything was so you are 16lbs7oz (Lily) & 16lbs6.5oz (McKenzie) are both crawling and you LOVE "If your happy and you know it clap your hands" you both clap to the song with such joy!

You are both so strong...we will remind you of your strength when you feel like you "can't" do something. Never forget how amazing you are!

We hope when you are old enough to read this, you are healthy and vibrant young ladies on a mission for greatness! One day you will understand what all the "fuss" is about for EVERY birthday we share with you. Your "Birth" day is more than just a day, it is a celebration of Life, Love and Victory.

We Love you both so much,

Mom & Dad.

This picture was taken one month before you were born. You will always be safe in our hands.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This time last year...

This time last year I checked into Sinai hospital to "prepare" for something I couldn't really "prepare" for...It was my first night of monitoring and testing to see how well Lillian and McKenzie were doing at 26weeks (pre-birth)...

Tonight...October 26, 2009 I am sitting in my living room, with my laptop on my lap and my two sweet little girls are resting peacefully upstairs...

I don't even think I could envision this day a year ago...I have not forgotten the fear I had "checking" my life into a hospital for what was supposed to be 6 weeks till their birth.
I couldn't see the forest through the trees, I KNEW I had to do this, but I never really knew how much I really needed it until November 10th, the morning the girls were born.

I would do it all again to see these smiling faces...

Sorry I have been gone so long...but the MOMO Journey has been keeping me busy! I think I have figured it all out now and will be back to posting again! Thanks for keeping up with us!

-The Momo Momma.... "she's baaaaccckkk!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome home Momos!

January 14th & January 16th, Lillian and McKenzie came home to be with us at last...

After 9.5 weeks the Momos were finally ready to come home. Born at 28 weeks 1lb14oz and 2lbs1oz, they are leaving the NICU at 37.5 weeks at 5lbs3oz and 5lbs6oz each!

It was hard leaving McKenzie behind, while walking out those doors with just Lily on that Wednesday afternoon, but after coming home with a baby on oxygen and apnea monitor, I was thankful they gave us "one at a time"! I can't even explain to you the nervousness I felt driving home with Lillian in the car, I was just praying to make it successfully to the front door of our house which was 5o mins away from the hospital. I couldn't imagine driving home with two of them!
McKenzie came home with her daddy that Friday. It was have them both in OUR house as a Family ...FINALLY! ...

...and Finally I cried...tears of Joy... I had been holding onto these tears since the day they were born...and I'm glad they were finally able to be released...and not because I was sad...but because I was about to begin the happiest days of my life!

Lillian's Discharge Day (courtesy of Auntie Melissa) January 14, 2009

McKenzie's Discharge Day (courtesy of Auntie Melissa) January 16, 2009

The Momos first time together... Friday Evening 1-16-09

Saturday 1-17-09, The Momos figured out they had to share us...much to their surprise! :) hee hee

Before I go...I just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the GREAT STAFF at SINAI HOSPITAL... I don't know if any of them will ever come across this blog...but I couldn't end my NICU experience without thanking them. It is not everyday you find people who love their work as much as these guys did. They made you feel like your babies were the only ones that were there and were always a priority. It is encouraging to know that these are the people who help moms and dads like us on a daily basis...and for that I thank you ALL.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Christmas day was full of excitement... But during the excitement, I couldn't help but think..."I wish my babies were here too." I secretly wanted them to come home and be under my tree on Christmas morning...

So Today is day 56 of our NICU/SCN stay at Sinai, and even though the Nurses and Doctors are beyond fantastic, I am ready for this to be over. I want our babies home yesterday....


McKenzie weighed in today at 4lbs13oz...on about 21%-25% a crib...and looking sweet in her yellow onesie! She is drinking 40ML of breast milk every 3 hours and takes about 5 out of her -8 feedings a day by mouth! You go girl... She also has a heck of a fart!!! This baby girl can clear the room!

Lillian weighed in today at 4lbs10oz... she is on HOME oxygen... in a crib and in need of a bath as I'm typing this..we haven't put her in her yellow onesie yet! She is also drinking 40ml of breast milk every 3 hours and is nippling her bottles too! And.. drum roll.... She PASSED her CAR SEAT TEST TODAY!!! hmmm do I hear Discharge papers being typed up soon!!!

The past few weeks I have felt like I am in one of those cartoons where everything happens so mechanically. Get up, Pump, shower, dress, eat, drive, hospital, pump, work, pump, pump, pump, hospital, drive, eat, pump, sleep. This is my "groundhogs day" EVERYDAY. If it isn't for the girls... I'm probably not interested in doing it. It is funny how you watch your priorities change so quickly and how the "S" on your chest appears out of nowhere to prove you can do it all and can't be stopped!
On New Years 2008 when we all stood in Jibri's kitchen and declared our "resolutions"...I said, "I'm gonna get me a baby!"... Well I must say, this is the first time I have ever made a resolution and stuck with it!!!! So my New Years resolution for 2009 is to be the best MUM I can be....

I can't wait for Christmas 2009! :)

-The Momo Momma

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few Pictures From December 2008

Sorry I haven't had much time to blog, between the holidays and the hospital I just hadn't found the time...but I wanted to share with you a few pictures!!!

Above: McKenzie's 1st Day in the Crib!! Yay Kenzie!

Above: Lillian...napping ... her favorite past time!

Above: McKenzie and her Daddy... "what you looking at sucka?"

Above: McKenzie (Left) & Lillian (Right) ... Neither one of them wanted to open their eyes...but this is their FIRST picture together!! yay!! As you can see their feeding tubes have been moved from their mouths to their noses! It's Nippling time!!

Above: Lillian Showing her pretty little face ... taking a break from the cpap and the tubes! (this was before she was on the nasal flow)

Above: McKenzie's last day in her incubator...showing of her pretty face! :) I love these eyes!

I hope you all enjoyed...I will be posting... the Christmas pictures next... hopefully!!!

-The Momo Momma