Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome home Momos!

January 14th & January 16th, Lillian and McKenzie came home to be with us at last...

After 9.5 weeks the Momos were finally ready to come home. Born at 28 weeks 1lb14oz and 2lbs1oz, they are leaving the NICU at 37.5 weeks at 5lbs3oz and 5lbs6oz each!

It was hard leaving McKenzie behind, while walking out those doors with just Lily on that Wednesday afternoon, but after coming home with a baby on oxygen and apnea monitor, I was thankful they gave us "one at a time"! I can't even explain to you the nervousness I felt driving home with Lillian in the car, I was just praying to make it successfully to the front door of our house which was 5o mins away from the hospital. I couldn't imagine driving home with two of them!
McKenzie came home with her daddy that Friday. It was great...to have them both in OUR house as a Family ...FINALLY! ...

...and Finally I cried...tears of Joy... I had been holding onto these tears since the day they were born...and I'm glad they were finally able to be released...and not because I was sad...but because I was about to begin the happiest days of my life!

Lillian's Discharge Day (courtesy of Auntie Melissa) January 14, 2009

McKenzie's Discharge Day (courtesy of Auntie Melissa) January 16, 2009

The Momos first time together... Friday Evening 1-16-09

Saturday 1-17-09, The Momos figured out they had to share us...much to their surprise! :) hee hee

Before I go...I just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the GREAT STAFF at SINAI HOSPITAL... I don't know if any of them will ever come across this blog...but I couldn't end my NICU experience without thanking them. It is not everyday you find people who love their work as much as these guys did. They made you feel like your babies were the only ones that were there and were always a priority. It is encouraging to know that these are the people who help moms and dads like us on a daily basis...and for that I thank you ALL.


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miss miranda said...

Hi there, I'm a friend of Karimah's. I came across your blog after seeing a post you left on hers. Your girls are absolutely adorable. Read your blog from the beginning and kept help but have tears of joy for you, your family, friends and most of all your little ladies :)Looking forward to reading more about them (and seeing more of their cute little outfits!)