Friday, October 31, 2008

Tricks are for Kids!

I'm not really sure if the babies know hazing is illegal! It is bad enough I had 3 people come check on me between 6am and 7am...but playing games on the heart rate monitor Baby B...shame on you!

Let me go back to Thursday... Everyone was sooo cooperative, I had a wonderful schedule and great company during both my testings! Mom J ( Everett's mom) came and sat with me during my first testing...It was great...I didn't have to talk to myself or make up dances in my head that would never get executed in real life! ha ha! And my sweet lover sat with me during my night we watched MUST SEE TV!!! Yay NBC Thursday Nights!

---side bar--- My sweet lover....Can I just say... that guy is great! He has stayed here EVERY night since I got here...and hasn't complained once. He sleeps in a chair that flattens out to a "bed" of sorts that is about 20 inches wide... what a guy!

So this morning one of the many wonderful nurses here (this is not "insert sarcasm here" ) ...they are really great... anyway, she ran a Doppler to listen to the babies heart rates, and Baby B wanted to play possum for a little while... she thought she was an "adult" and could have a heart rate like mine...instead of double mine. So before shower and breakfast, I headed over to Labor and Delivery for testing.

The benefit of this silly line in my arm paid off today... b/c they didn't have to stick me to put me on the IV drip bags...yay! Apparently I was having high contractions, which I couldn't feel, all I could feel was my stomach saying, "why haven't we eaten today?" The babies were on and off the monitor all morning long, moving around like crazy...but not tracing long enough for a good "testing"

After 5 hours, they finally let me my next test...the Bio Physicals which they did really well with today! scored an 8! yay! These little ladies must know its Halloween and are full of tricks and treats today!

They were so "cute" on the monitor today, they were cheek to cheek... and I got to see Baby B pee... not sure that was so "cute" ...but it was interesting!

Lets hope tonight's monitoring is better....

-The MoMo Momma

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid lines, testing & Cinnabons!

Am I supposed to look like a bum in here?! I guess I'm supposed to be broke down in a hospital gown...Why do the Nurses ask me, "Are you going somewhere?" I am not in stilettos or jeans...I'm in easy lounge wear! I don't feel the need to compromise my "diva" for a hospital stay... RESPECT MY ATTIRE!

Lily and McKenzie did VERY well today on the heart rate monitors...not so good on the Bio Physical Profile testing (during this test, both babies must show movement, reflexes and breathing) ....but this was my fault because I hadn't eaten lunch...due to no set schedule in this joint...By next week I will have them on my time... lol!

I am hoping today is the last traumatizing procedure I have to have (day 1 and 2 shots in the a MID my arm!) The inserted a "catheter" IV line in my upper arm today so they can shoot me up with drugs and get blood at their leisure. I was so nervous...I don't think I took a breath for 3 minutes, I was sweating under my arms and my press and curl was shriveling up... speaking of press and curl...can someone come blow dry this hair this weekend!?

We had our first "official" visitor today! YAY shout out to Kijafa Saunders...bringing Cinnabons! (Thanks for sitting with me through my NST made the time fly by!) It was so very refreshing to see an outsiders face...she came in looking like winter...with the cold air rushing off her coat and scarf...I just wanted to suck all that "OUTSIDE AIR" off her!Maybe tomorrow I will take a little walk outside...get some fresh air!

Till tomorrow...

-The Momo Momma

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The First 24+ Hours

If I were in the 1993 movie "Ground Hog Day" I would want to wake up and re-live Sunday, 10/26/08. I received a wonderful message at church about "not quitting", a personalized blessing and had a lovely brunch with my family and some of my favorite friends!!

So 10/27/08 was check in ironic is it that I would be checked into the same room as my momo momma friend who was just in here less than 3 weeks ago. This must be the lucky momo room!

So the first 24 hours went something like this...

- 5pm check in

-6pm bring my stuff in (then bring most of it back out to the car...I guess I figured I was going to a room bigger than my closet!)

-7pm two vials of blood

-8pm visit from Nana

-8:30pm a painful shot of steroids in my booty (this is for the babies lungs just in case they come early)

-10:30pm - 4:30am Our first NST (non stress test...monitoring the babies heartbeats) monitoring... this is supposed to be 2 hours each session...but it doesn't always work out that way!

-7:30am - vital signs

-8:45am -breakfast (yummy omelet and french toast)

-9:30am - went to visit my momo momma friend who was taking her lovely momo twins home today!! They were born at 32 weeks and are going home at 35.1weeks...WHICH IS GREAT!!!!

-10:30-2:00 NST monitoring

-2:30 lunch (yummy cheese pizza and salad)

-3:30-5:30pm back over for NST testing...Lily was NOT cooperating with the machines...they were not happy with her heart rate results

-6-8pm Nap (apparently I am allowed to sleep for a few brief moments)

-8:30pm - final round of steroids ..OUCH!

-9-11pm NST testing...the girls did go...maybe I will let them go to prom now!

PHEW!!! What a ride!!!

Things I know...

1. The first day is the hardest

2. It will get better from here

3. The "room service" here is pretty yummy!

4. Nobody respects MY TIME!

5. I'd do it all over again for my girls :)

Okay I'm off to bed now...hoping to get at least 6-7 hours tonight...

-The Momo Momma