Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid lines, testing & Cinnabons!

Am I supposed to look like a bum in here?! I guess I'm supposed to be broke down in a hospital gown...Why do the Nurses ask me, "Are you going somewhere?" I am not in stilettos or jeans...I'm in easy lounge wear! I don't feel the need to compromise my "diva" for a hospital stay... RESPECT MY ATTIRE!

Lily and McKenzie did VERY well today on the heart rate monitors...not so good on the Bio Physical Profile testing (during this test, both babies must show movement, reflexes and breathing) ....but this was my fault because I hadn't eaten lunch...due to no set schedule in this joint...By next week I will have them on my time... lol!

I am hoping today is the last traumatizing procedure I have to have (day 1 and 2 shots in the a MID my arm!) The inserted a "catheter" IV line in my upper arm today so they can shoot me up with drugs and get blood at their leisure. I was so nervous...I don't think I took a breath for 3 minutes, I was sweating under my arms and my press and curl was shriveling up... speaking of press and curl...can someone come blow dry this hair this weekend!?

We had our first "official" visitor today! YAY shout out to Kijafa Saunders...bringing Cinnabons! (Thanks for sitting with me through my NST made the time fly by!) It was so very refreshing to see an outsiders face...she came in looking like winter...with the cold air rushing off her coat and scarf...I just wanted to suck all that "OUTSIDE AIR" off her!Maybe tomorrow I will take a little walk outside...get some fresh air!

Till tomorrow...

-The Momo Momma


Claremont First Ward said...

What medicine do you need daily?

I couldn't sleep for like 40 hours after I had my steriods round. Glad to see that you could.

I'm so happy to hear that you were able to see and hold Lovina's babies......definitely a treat.

You can kiss privacy goodbye in there.......I even had doctors interrupt me while I was in the shower!

Way to go. I'm looking forward to following you more closely through your blog!

Melissa said...

Don't you dare compromise your Diva-ness for those raggedy hospital gowns!!!!

Sorry I was not there to hold your hand and make sure them people knew what they were doing when they inserted your Mid-line cath!!!

But I am oh so proud of you for getting it done...and the HUGE sacrifice that you’re making for Mac and Lily (you like how I shorten McKenzie’s name...hee hee)

The power of a mother's love is immeasurable, indescribable, and are already on your way to being a great mother
Love ya,
Melissa xoxox

Jennifer said...

My darling Lily:

I am glad you have maintained your British sense of humour...blow dry your hair indeed. When I was having Ellie I woke up everyday and put on my lipstick, I am never fully dressed without lipstick.

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is Love (Sophocles)

I am sending good vibrations and all the love I can muster to you everyday. I am also sending you something to read for you, Ev and the girls, to the hospital address you gave.

Much love sweetie,
Your equally lovely aunt Jen xoxox

Jennifer said...
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Tammy said...

Girl you are too funny. Especially went you said that the nurse keep asking are you going somewhere. I don't blame you those hopital robes are awful. I glad that you are in good spirits. I'll have to check your blogs periodically. Hope you have a good day today.