Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few Pictures From December 2008

Sorry I haven't had much time to blog, between the holidays and the hospital I just hadn't found the time...but I wanted to share with you a few pictures!!!

Above: McKenzie's 1st Day in the Crib!! Yay Kenzie!

Above: Lillian...napping ... her favorite past time!

Above: McKenzie and her Daddy... "what you looking at sucka?"

Above: McKenzie (Left) & Lillian (Right) ... Neither one of them wanted to open their eyes...but this is their FIRST picture together!! yay!! As you can see their feeding tubes have been moved from their mouths to their noses! It's Nippling time!!

Above: Lillian Showing her pretty little face ... taking a break from the cpap and the tubes! (this was before she was on the nasal flow)

Above: McKenzie's last day in her incubator...showing of her pretty face! :) I love these eyes!

I hope you all enjoyed...I will be posting... the Christmas pictures next... hopefully!!!

-The Momo Momma

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