Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The First 24+ Hours

If I were in the 1993 movie "Ground Hog Day" I would want to wake up and re-live Sunday, 10/26/08. I received a wonderful message at church about "not quitting", a personalized blessing and had a lovely brunch with my family and some of my favorite friends!!

So 10/27/08 was check in day...how ironic is it that I would be checked into the same room as my momo momma friend who was just in here less than 3 weeks ago. This must be the lucky momo room!

So the first 24 hours went something like this...

- 5pm check in

-6pm bring my stuff in (then bring most of it back out to the car...I guess I figured I was going to a room bigger than my closet!)

-7pm two vials of blood

-8pm visit from Nana

-8:30pm a painful shot of steroids in my booty (this is for the babies lungs just in case they come early)

-10:30pm - 4:30am Our first NST (non stress test...monitoring the babies heartbeats) monitoring... this is supposed to be 2 hours each session...but it doesn't always work out that way!

-7:30am - vital signs

-8:45am -breakfast (yummy omelet and french toast)

-9:30am - went to visit my momo momma friend who was taking her lovely momo twins home today!! They were born at 32 weeks and are going home at 35.1weeks...WHICH IS GREAT!!!!

-10:30-2:00 NST monitoring

-2:30 lunch (yummy cheese pizza and salad)

-3:30-5:30pm back over for NST testing...Lily was NOT cooperating with the machines...they were not happy with her heart rate results

-6-8pm Nap (apparently I am allowed to sleep for a few brief moments)

-8:30pm - final round of steroids ..OUCH!

-9-11pm NST testing...the girls did go...maybe I will let them go to prom now!

PHEW!!! What a ride!!!

Things I know...

1. The first day is the hardest

2. It will get better from here

3. The "room service" here is pretty yummy!

4. Nobody respects MY TIME!

5. I'd do it all over again for my girls :)

Okay I'm off to bed now...hoping to get at least 6-7 hours tonight...

-The Momo Momma


Jennifer said...

My darling Lily...what a wonderful way to stay in touch with you. I wish you and Ev all the best as you travel this road to bring your daughters into the world.

My friend David said to wish you the best, he said one day he will tell you his story about his twin sons Justin and Joshua.

I will check in her everyday and see how you are doing, and I will keep you and Ev in my prayers.

Love and kisses you lovely aunt Jen

Mum said...

To my Baby and her Babies (Ev's included)
After reading this I know you'll be perfect, as there's no greater sacrifice than a Mother's love to endure pain for her children. Now you have demonstrated this, as I know how much you hate injects from the age of six (when you gave that male nurse a bloody nose and black eye)(How dare he stick you with a needle without your permission). You were in charge then and you will be now.

Keep the faith and know that GOD will see you all through.
I love you

Blessed said...

Hey Lee,

You look marvelous in that dress!!!Ev looks nice too.

I don't like needles either:(
But with your pain will come an overflowing measure of joy.

Do you have any requests or goodies you would like us to bring when we come to visit?

Busta, Warren aka Baby Bus aka McLovin and I will keep your family in our prayers

Talk to you soon,

Mom2_BrownGirls said...

Hey Leeann,

I'm glad to hear that things are getting better for you. Every day is special because of your strong will and determination. You truly make all mothers proud. Lily and McKenzie are so blessed to have a mom like you on their side. Motherhood is a joy without measure.

My wish for you and Everett is to hold Lily and McKenzie in your arms. And to be so happy that you are crying on the inside, but showing a bright smile on the outside. A parents love is a love like no other.

Take care,
Christine B

Vonnie B said...

Lee and Ev...you've made it through the first day. Even though it might have been a little rough I'm sure each day will get better. I will continue to keep all 5 of you in my prayers (including Monk...I'm sure he misses you)

Looking on a bright side...the food is good. And I'll be sure to bring you some McDonald fries when I come to visit.

Those tiny little blessings will be here before you know it.

Love, Yvonne

Unknown said...

Hi Leeann,

I am so Happy for you & Everett, parenthood is such a Beautiful thing, something that can not be replaced by anything else. I know you & your girls will be Truly Blessed. I know we haven't known each other that long, but its something about your spirit that makes me want to stay in touch. I know you're going to be a Great Mom, because of the sacrifice you're putting forth now. These next couple of months will fly by so try to enjoy the quiet moments while you can :-)

Keep Me Posted,

The Trents said...

OK.. this made me cry!! I'm so happy for the two of you and can't wait to meet the girls!! This time will pass by so quick and next thing you know they'll be in your arms!!

Love ya,

Unknown said...

Fabulous story of love, determination, sacrifice, and strength. You inspire me! May God be with you during the remainder of your journey to motherhood.


p.s. I'll be looking online for designs for that jacket we discussed. *wink*

Vonnie said...

Hey Leeann,

Of course you almost made me cry, as always. You know I will keep checking on you....you're my prego partner!

I admire your strength, and I can't wait until you and Everett have the best gifts you could ever ask for. Soon, we will both be holding our little miracles. Like you, I would do every difficult moment over again to have the joy of being with my little angel.

I pray for you and Everett every day...stay strong and faithful.


andrea lynch said...

Cyd and I are very happy that you are having girls,
G I R L P O W E R. Poor Everette
All that estrogen. PHEW!!!!!!
we want you to know we love you and all of Cali are praying for a safe, happy peaceful time in your journey. And more importantly, that time will go by fast.
Love to you both.
(only seems like yesterday your mum and dad had you and shannan in the same cradle together), and now you're having babies of your own, Oh how time flies.
Auntie Ann

andrea lynch said...

You know what Leelee,
Iwas just thinking about my two girls. they are always hugging me kissing me on my lips none of this cheek stuff, and they never end a conversation unless they tell me they love me, they also are very protected of me and I never carry any bags after shopping,people think boys are the only ones that care for their mothers, but in this whole wide world I would not trade my girls for all the power,money in the world. I would die for them, and I constantly thank God for giving them to me. Thats what you have to look forward to. and remember with God all things are possible.
Just had to let you that too.
Love you
Auntie Ann

Jernee said...

Hey Leeann -

Just wanted to say "Yeah!!!" you made it through the first day - the hardest day. I can't believe it's the end of October already...it seemed so far away! But that just goes to show you that your time there will go by fast, as well. As you have guessed, the blog is saved under my "favorites"...I'll be checking it everyday. I will continue to keep you and Ev and the girls in my prayers. I can not wait to share all the special moments that are in store for ya'll. You guys will be GREAT parents, I know already. I know Dave misses you too!!! We'll be by to see you soon. Love you lots....and hang in there. :o)

skindoc said...

Hey Lee,

You are truly an inspiration. Each day will get easier and by the time you know it Lils and Mckenzie will be embraced by your love.



Mum said...

Hi Li'
"Ditto" to all of Auntie Ann's comments.....I remember Shannon and Leeann as babies as if it was yesterday.
And "yeah!" girl power/rules...sorry Leon and Quinny and Jibri :-)
Lee you missed you're calling as an adventure writer, you've always had the best imagination and can turn a small "tale" into a grand amazing stories, watch out Spielerg!
This was the best reading i've had all week. Ok now i'm hooked and will checked daily as instucted.
I await the next episode!