Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everyday is a Victory!

Yesterday 11/17/08 I heard our babies cry for the very first time...It was the sweetest sound I have heard...God bless those little vocal cords!

Each day we get a little further away from their first day of life...which means we get closer to them coming home. Today they are 29 weeks and 2 days. Here are the Victories we had in the last few days

* Lily & McKenzie both came off their Breathing tubes on Sunday 11/16/08. Lily had hers taken out in the afternoon (we were able to see them do the procedure, as well as get a look at her sweet little face with no mask or tubes!). McKenzie had hers taken off that evening. They are both progressing well on the Si pap breathing machines, for the most part they are breathing on their own

*McKenzie finally came off the Billy Ruben light on Saturday 11/15/08, Lily came off on 11/14/08. Their levels have gone down and they are actually picking up a little "brown" coloring! :)

*Hearing our babies cry...I cannot explain the feeling that came over me when I heard the little voice from inside the incubator. It was like a kitten. I wanted to cry, but I have stuck to my rule... NO CRYING in the NICU...I can't have our babies see me cry.

*Lily & McKenzie are both gaining weight!!! as of 11/17/08 Lily weighed in at 2lbs2oz and McKenzie weighed in at 2lbs4oz.

*Feedings...the momos are accepting my milk and have been put on continuous feedings taking in about 8cc's a day.

*Today 11/18/08 Lily & McKenize both had on little tops. They are so cute, they are working on helping them keep their body temperature, they have turned down the heat in the incubator so to encourage them to keep their own bodies warm.
*Today I had my staples removed! Yay! It feels about 50% better...

We couldn't be happier with their progress...God is truly blessing us abundantly. I Pray they stay on this path of positive growth and progress.

The picture above is of McKenzie holding onto her Dad's finger...she was having a bit of a fit, and he was keeping her calm and got her back to sleep...she would NOT let go of that was the sweetest thing ever.

-The Momo Momma


Unknown said...

Leeann & Everett,

It is absolutely wonderful to know that Lily and McKenzie are progressing so well!! And Lee, it's nice to know you are feeling great and are strong too :) Thanks for sharing these precious moments with all of us. So glad you are taking time to do these blogs. It certainly is a comfort to see and know how your new family is doing. You guys are always on my mind and in my prayers...Miss you lots!
Lots of Love -- Janet & Rob

Melissa said...

That Little Muffin holding on to that finger!!! PRICELESS!!!!

Vonnie B said...

I know you said no tears...but that picture just brought them to my eyes. She knows her daddy. So precious.

Jernee said...

Hey Leeann & Everett -

Just wanted to say hi and that I'm so happy to hear things are going so well for the girls! They are getting stronger and bigger each day. Wonderful!!! As hard as it is, being in the NICU is the best thing for them right now. But before you know it, they will be in your arms and at home! Dave and I will continue to pray for everyone's strength and encouragement. I can't wait to see them in person and give them all the PINK & GREEN clothes they want. ;o)

Love ya'll,

Claremont First Ward said...

Sounds like they are doing so fantastically. Such great news!

How are you healing.

*Lauren* said...

Its so amazing to see how God is moving in my little nieces lives! I cant wait to see how much more progress they will have made when i meet them next week. That picture is so precious :-)

Jennifer said...

My darling Lily:
What wonderful news, and that photo is indeed priceless. That moment will remain in Ev's heart forever.

It looks like I am getting my Christmas wish, that is the gift of health to my new great's lovely to unwrap this gift each time I visit your blog.

On this gray, rainy day in Vancouver, I am getting ready to say goodbye to my friend. I have been reading to a lovely old lady called aunt Lucille, and this summer I got to spend a whole month with her when her family were away on vacation.

She is 97 years old, the oldest person I have ever met, but boy is she funny. Now her health is failing and she won't last the weekend, so I am going to read to her one more time and kiss her goodbye.

I am sad I won't get to listen to her anymore. She has been an inspiration to me. She left Jamaican in her late twenties. Her husband was a womanizer and she decided she deserved better. At a time when women had very few rights, she boarded a boat for England and never looked back. She worked all over Europe as a nanny. She is fluent in 4 languages (French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian) and has helped to raise countless children.

She never had a family of her own, and she never re-married, but she will tell you, she’s had a full life, and would not have changed a thing.

On this day when new life is taking its first breaths, I will say goodbye to this lovely lady, as she takes her last breaths. She doesn’t want any heroic measures, she says she is making way for the young (Lily & Mackie).

He who is filled with Love is filled with God (Saint Augustine)

Much love to you, Ev and the momo's,
Your lovely aunty Jen xooxoxox

Tunia said...

I am so happy for you. Your girls are so beautiful. Looking at their pictures brought tears to my eyes. Looking at their pictures makes it so clear how amazing God is. I am so happy to see their progress. Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us in the loop about the girls progress.
Luv ya,

KaleidoscopingMommy said...

Cara and I are sending you lots of love and prayers and good energy! your blog is amazing and your strength is an inspiration to the world. Keep it up-you and Everett are the best parents ever!!! All our love, Heather and Cara.

Michell said...

Awh.. the baby holding the finger. This is the first time I saw Bernard cry, when Cheyenne grabbed his finger. He came back to the room and said, it was like her telling him "daddy it will be ok" and it was. Ev congrats for that feeling of assurance.