Monday, November 24, 2008

Let Me Upgrade You!

I never thought I could fall in love with someone like I fell in love with Everett...but boy was I wrong...While Everett is still my #1...I have two new little lives that I have only known for 16 days, but I am in love with them as if I have known them my entire life...

So It has been a week since my last post…and the girls have been UPGRADED…from the NICU to SPECIAL CARE! It was a total surprise for us to come to see them and them be in another environment. They are with the “grown up” babies now.

Both Lily & McKenzie are weighing in at 2lbs6oz. They have been doing well off the breathing tubes…they have had some “naughty days” where they need a little more help from the c-pap machine, which is to be expected with them still being so small.

They are 30 weeks and 3 days old, I feel like we have come a long way since November 10th at 2:21am & 2:23am. They are on continuous feedings eating almost 6oz of my milk a day. Lily has had calcium/calories added to her milk so they can fatten up faster. McKenzie will probably have that added tomorrow.

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster for me…I have had my ups and downs. I was actually having a “pity party” for a few days…I even sent invitations out to my "pity party"…but no one showed up! Good thing…I didn’t need the encouragement for pity. What I have had is never ending support from wonderful family and friends. It is so great to see how people step up when they know you are really in a rough place; it is exactly what I needed!

The weekend really helped me over my “hump”. I was able to go and hang out with friends and just be out of the house doing “normal” things. Chris and Carletta came down from NY to visit the momos (THEY NEVER COME TO MD JUST TO VISIT!) but they did for us…and for that I am so grateful! Hanging out with them, Jernee & Dave this weekend really gave me a good boost.

On Sunday, the 23rd we were able to hold our little McKenzie for the first time (see pictures above). It was something I had been putting off for a while, just fear because they are so small. Now I know I was also putting it off because once you hold them you never want to let them go. I guess I didn’t want an additional attachment. Monday the 24th we were able to hold Lily too...I am so happy to have held them both. Leaving the hospital every night knowing that I am walking out empty handed breaks my heart, However I know they are in God’s hands…and those hands can do way more for them then mine can do.

I attended my first NICU support group meeting on Monday; it was very informative and very personal. I was happy to have my Mum and Yasmin there with me to just be a family support system. I definitely needed to go to the meeting; I just wish there were other Moms there that could give advice on how they are handling the NICU stay so I don’t feel so crazy! I walked out of there feeling refreshed and feeling positive about the path Lily and McKenzie are on right now. I know they are a long way from home, but they are a long way from where they started.

I find myself sitting up all hours of the night wondering what the momos are doing…or if they need me. I can’t wait till I’m off driving restrictions. I will probably sneak out of the house in the middle of the night just for a quick peek.

Today...Auntie Melissa & Uncle Leon came to see the momos...we were able to see Lily have a bath (see pictures below)...she was alert and Don't think she liked the hair washing...but it was sweet to see her active. The nurses are all saying how much "spunk" they have...they are just like their momma!

I have fallen in love again…and it feels great…

-The Momo Momma


Aunt Sange said...

Lee, Ev, we love you and our lovely strong fighters girls Lily and Mckenzie we thank God every day and ask him to keep them strong and healthy every day so they can be home with there lovely parents...and family yet to meet...Iya..........aunt sange Hens Isabelxxxx

Claremont First Ward said...

The girls look great......I'm so glad that you are doing better and the girls are progressing so nicely. I remember holding both of my boys for the first time. It was pure magic.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Hi Leeann & Everett,

Its so nice to know & see for myself how well the girls are doing. They share their bday with my 1yr old Tigris & if they have half the spunk she has they are well on their way,lol. Thanks for sharing the photos, & I'm glad you're doing so well.

Tinea said...

I'm so glad the girls are doing so well. Nothing can explain that feeling of holding your baby for the 1st time and you have a double portion! I remember the "snorkle". God is so good! I'll keep your family in my prayers. And try to get some rest now - they'll be home before you know it!

Michell said...

Lee and Ev, I'm glad to see the babies are doing well. I will keep you all in my prayers. I know first hand how you both are feeling. Cheyenne was born at 30 wks, 2 lbs 2oz and you see her now. They are truely gifts from God and He will continue to look over them when you are not around Lee. So put your trust in Him and He will see you and these babies through. Love you. Michell

Tomika Bryant said...

Congratulations on two beautiful babies! GOD is definitely good. I will keep you all in prayer as I know the power it has. Motherhood is truly a gift from God. No one can explain the magic you feel when you hold and see them for the very first time. Stay Blessed!