Monday, November 3, 2008

Things can CHANGE...

Babies touch the world with love...Congratulations to Vonnie and Jermaine on the Birth of Kayla 11/02/08!!! Enjoy the new addition to your family.

Our sweet Vonnie from LnL Book club gave birth to her "Election day baby" early... Karimah was visiting with me when the news arrived she was going into labor. I couldn't believe it was happening, my heart was all a flutter for her. It made me realize that even though I am looking forward to Lily and McKenzie on 12/08/08 ... babies will come as the please! Things can CHANGE! I'll take them whenever they come. I think Kayla has set the stage for her personality...and followed the rules of babies... THERE ARE NO RULES!

Sunday wrapped up the weekend with more wonderful visitors... Reem, Rye and Momma Holley. I am so happy to have visitors, it makes the days less routine... thanks guys!

Nana sent over 1.) Clean laundry, 2.) Roast Sunday dinner 3.) old Navy lounge wear! Is it possible to have a better Nana? I doubt it...If I can end up being just half the mother, my mother has been to all of us, I will feel I have reached my "perfect momma" status!

The babies are doing well....some long monitoring sessions...some good short ones like tonight! I have to warn you all now... my girls are not PUNKS! I watched them fight today in womb... Baby B kept hitting Baby A in the belly ...finally Baby A had enough and gave Baby B a swift kick! So watch out twins (Leon & Quinny) you are not going to punk my girlies!! :)

Tonight will be my first night alone...I sent my guy home so he can get up early and vote. Tomorrow 11/4/08 America will elect a new President of the United States. One of the great things about America is the right and power of a vote, no matter who you vote for it will make a difference in the direction of the leadership of America.

America will be a different place after tomorrow...things can CHANGE!

-The MoMo Momma

P.S. The Bond Baby gets a hot dog or a hamburger tomorrow! yay! So many things to look forward to!


Jennifer said...

My darling Lily:
I am warmed by your continued good health and that of the girls.

You have a very thoughtful and giving mother, and we try to parent by the examples we have observed, so you will do fine.

Your grandmother was a very giving and thoughtful woman. As a child I remember she was always looking after other peoples children, visiting old people, and in retirement I use to drive her to a children’s home in Wembley to help put disable people to bed.

Your mother (my lovely sister Stew) enjoys being a mother, and it shows in everything she does.

I woke up this morning feeling very emotional. My head is full with the events of this historic day. I drove to work listening to Bob Marley (an activist ahead of his time), and I wondered what he would think of this day.

I thought of MLK watching all these young people motivated to vote for the first time. Hoping to elect the first Black President of America.

The children that will be born, and the ones that will be attending school for the first time with a Black President. And the senior citizens who lived through the Civil Right Movement, never believing this day would come in their lifetime.

American’s are on the cusp of making history, and I am glad I am here to bare witness.

My admiration for Barack Obama is not just because he is a black man (God knows we so badly need more positive male role models in this world). But because he is an honourable man. He conducts himself with dignity and pride that comes from his ancestors.

He will be more than just a good President, he will be a fine Statesman and that’s important. A Statesman motivates and gives hope, and no one can deny he has certainly done that.

Your girls have picked a fine time to be Americans, lets pray we are rewarded tonight.

Love and hugs to you and Ev,
From your lovely Aunt Jen xoxoxoxox

PS: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Aunt Sange said...

Hi Lee, and our beauitful Girls and Ev.....................Happy to hear you are all doing good and my favorite sister Gloria is being the wonderful Mum and Nana that she is. I wish I could be nearer but as I am not I am sending my sisters Gloria all my strengths Love and good wishes so she can continue being the wonderfully person that she is and can continue to look after you all.
I Love you very much Aunt Sange xxx

Dbrown181 said...

Greetings Lee, Everett and Your New Sun Shines!!
I just read your entire blog today at work and I want to let you know I admire every piece of you, your family and your life. You are the true meaning of a mother!! And I want to say welcome to the club of mother and wife what a wonderful life. Yes it does have its ups and downs, but only the Lord knows how wonderful it will be. You, your husband and your two precious girls will continue to stay in our prays and you just continue on being the best mommy you can be. It does comes naturally and you have already proven that you have what it takes. Your little ones will continue to test your strenght and love!! Just keep your head up and your hand in your husband hand and you will overcome. Dominique had me in the hospital, heart rate "jumpin to it" we didn't know what was going on, but I wouldn't trade that emotional rollercoaster and her for nothing in the world. Yes, Durand and I were happy becoming one, but its even better with our half. Enjoy your two and stay true!!!
Your Sister Always,
Danielle Battle-Brown