Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today America woke up to THE FIRST African-American President. What a milestone in the HISTORY of this country. I am proud to know that the momos will grow up knowing there are no limits to their DREAMS, No glass on their CEILING and every reason to say, "YES WE CAN"...

While greatness is going on I am inside feeling totally bummed.

Impatient is more like it...this is the biggest waiting game I have ever played and I am not even half way there!

N.S.T (non stress test) however, I feel stressed when 2 hours of testing turns into 4, I know this will get better as the babies get bigger. 2 times a day EVERYDAY...

Preparing for parenthood--can you really prepare? I think the answer to this is no...but I would love a Target supply person to bring me the baby section so I can touch and feel things to make a registry! That would help me feel "prepared"

Amazing and Strong...that is what Karimah said to me today, when I told her I was feeling selfish and sad...thanks Karimah :)

Time passing by...I have never watched a clock more than I have in here. It certainly doesn't help that there are large school clocks everywhere. I feel like I can't wait for the hours to pass...however I have NO WHERE else to be but here

Internet access...without this I would have probably ran away by now! It is my OUTLET to the world, the who, the what, the where! I am not a big telephone is my joy! And of course without Internet you wouldn't be reading this!

Everett---my guy...I wouldn't be able to do this without him by my side each night! Every MoMo momma needs a guy like him :)

Nana's home cooked meals...a nice break up to the "room service" offered here. The beef stew with dumplings last night was amazing!

Twins...the joy at the end of this test of "patience" See you soon Lily & McKenzie :)

-The MoMo Momma


Mum said...

I know it's tough and then I didn't show today "bad Nana" say Leon and Quinny would say.
Gosh! I wish i could drop everything and be there with you 24/7 :-)
It may make you pray for alone time, but i'm sure it would make the time go by much quicker.
The leaves have all fallen over night so you're not missing much and it's damp and deary all day.
you have all this new life around you and antiscipated excitement.
Live in the momments, savor the flavour of this time RELAX, RELAX, RELAX like you did on summer vaction time when you was in high school.... remember how easy it was apply that nothingness to your life now.
As soon you free relax time will be up and it will be "wham bang thank-you mam" ....."hello were here, feed me, change me, yadda yadda yadda in double until their at least 18yrs and then you'll wonder where the time went and wish you were HERE now!
sorry that was long!

lya more than word can say

Carmen said...

Mom's are superheroes.....always have been, are and will always be
Ms. Carmen

Jennifer said...

My darling Lily:
I read your blog this morning and I hear and feel your frustration with Time.

Here is what I have learnt in the last two most intense years of my life. We don't know our own strength until we are tested, and then as if from nowhere comes the reserve, the determination, and the will to overcome whatever is testing us today.

The times we live in force us to have no patience, either with ourselves or with life. We live in an instant gratification society, where taking time to breath is frowned upon.

It use to be that you got pregnant and took each day as it comes. You rubbed your belly, talked to your baby and just eat anything you liked. You didn't learn the sex of your baby until the happy day that it arrived.

At this moment in time the Lord has put you in a place where you have to be still. You have the important job of bring your family into this world. Ev can do nothing more than love and watch over you. You will never get this time back, so take it.

Be still...when you can't read a book listen to one. Listen to something inspirational that you would not otherwise read. Listen to some poetry by Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni or Langston Hughes. Or listen to some Chopin, Winton Marsalis playing Mozart or an opera (I recommend Carmen to start). As you wait for your babies to grow and get stronger, mark the time with enrichment.

And remember are fortunate to be having your babies not only in a country that just voted in the first Black President in the free world, but with the best doctors and nurses, and the best care that a woman of colour could have.

So have patience with yourself, this is not time wasted, this is the best time of your life. Can you survive the test...Yes You Can!

I am so proud of you, with much love,
your lovely aunt Jen xoxoxoxo

Aunt Sange said...

Hello sweetie and girls we are glad you love your basket of fruits just sending you love good wishes mum said enjoy the p&q even though the environment is not yours earn it like you are earning the right to wear you lounghing attire and looking good..........lya xxx

Mom2_BrownGirls said...


I really do admire your strength!!!! I know that some days may seem longer than others, but having supportive family and friends tends to pass the time along. You are truly blessed!!

You are making Lily and McKenzie so PROUD!!!!! And let's not forget Everett. Who wouldn't want a wife and lovely mother like you that is fighting tooth and nail for them. Coming from a mother...I truly admire your strength!!! I'm encouraged.

You are not alone in this...

Carmen said...

Hi Lee
Happy to hear the good news
You are glowing in your photo with hubby. Are you a size D bra now? LOL! Lots of love your way and wondering who's going to be the more dominant player, Lilly or McKenzie..we are ready for them both! As Glor said, a battle of the wits! No doubt! Aunt C sends them lots of love, hugs and kisses from you all! Keep looking up and P.S., Stop Watching the clock....much love to you and Everett....

Unknown said...

Hey girlie!

I know you may be down right now, but pls know we are all rooting for you out here. You are a wonderful mother already! Remember, just like you'll never leave your girls, God will never leave you. He is there watching you every step of the way. Be encouraged.